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At Trophy Fitness Club, we know the value of selecting a health club that speaks to your needs and soothes your anxieties. We specialize in fitness programs that include:

  • Yoga;
  • Boot camp; and
  • Free group personal training,

so that you can have the best personal training in the Dallas vicinity to help you meet all of your fitness goals. Our objective at Trophy Fitness Club is to deliver an exceptional level of customer service and an enjoyable work-out experience to members of all fitness levels in a non-intimidating environment. Our programs are like ones you would find in a gym membership. They are tailored for your body and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose body fat, lose weight, tone or build muscle, personal training at Trophy Fitness Club will help you reach your fitness goals. We employ the most respected and talented Certified Personal Trainers in the region. Trophy Fitness Club’s personal trainers have a proven track record of assisting their clients in attaining their fitness goals. All of our personal trainers hold at least two national certifications and are encouraged to continually educate themselves in the fields of biomechanics and exercise physiology. They are committed to making sure you are able to fully maximize your potential so you will be more confident, feel better and be in good shape for the rest of your life. Our certified personal trainers have many years of experience helping men and women, of all ages and fitness levels, from Addison, to excel physically and achieve their fitness goals through our customized fitness club programs.

Addison Personal Trainer

Addison, Texas is a city in Dallas County. Its population is over 13,000. Addison is a northern suburb of Dallas. The city calls itself the Town of Addison, but it is incorporated as a city. There are nearly 8,000 households located in Addison. The median income for a household is almost $49,000, and the median income for a family is a little more than $53,000. The median house price has steadily increased in recent years. It is currently right around $350,000. The City of Addison is an energetic community alive with an entrepreneurial spirit where small start-up businesses to major corporations are headquartered, including Mary Kay and Palm Harbor Homes. Within its compact urban center, Addison has a unique combination of towering office buildings, upscale shopping, beautifully landscaped residential communities, award-winning parks, 22 hotels and over 170 restaurants, all within a five-minute drive from anywhere in town. Addison is located 13 miles north of downtown Dallas and 16 miles northeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. World-class shopping, excellent restaurants, friendly people and beautiful spaces make Addison a fun place to live, work, play and visit. If you’ve been contemplating joining a health club, you need to check out Trophy Fitness Club, located in the heart of Addison right off of Arapaho and the Dallas North Tollway. Trophy Fitness Club at Addison Circle is a conveniently located facility offering state-of-the-art fitness equipment in a posh, user-friendly environment.

Addison Fitness Club

At Trophy Fitness Club, we endeavor to seek innovative ways to augment the physical and emotional wellbeing of our diversified clientele. Our fitness club programs are designed to meet the distinct needs of the customers we serve. With our vast selection of amenities and highly- skilled staff, we can provide fun and effective workout options to our members. Because we know that a healthy society depends on the wellbeing of all those who comprise it, our emphasis is on giving our members the most affordable Trophy Fitness Club experience possible. If you are interested in having us help create a “better you,” contact us today, or stop by for more information about Trophy Fitness Club and to receive your complimentary seven-day trial membership card. You will be glad you did!

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