Benefits of Green Tea

If you’re working out at Trophy Fitness, chances are you put genuine effort into improving your overall health and reaching new fitness levels. Well, do you know about all the benefits of green tea?

Let me start by sharing, The American Institute of Nutrition put out a study that showed catechins in green tea greatly enhanced exercise induced abdominal fat loss! Do I have your attention?

According to a Harvard publication, Green Tea is the best source for an antioxidant even more powerful than both vitamins C and E, known as catechins. These powerful antioxidants have been associated with reducing and preventing the onset of numerous illnesses, including some forms of cancer and heart disease. In actuality, green tea is great for overall well-being. It’s great warm in the winter, or chilled with a wedge of lemon in the summer. For those of you stuck in a Starbucks routine, green tea also has caffeine, and could be a more positive start to your morning.

Personally, I like to add just a little bit of honey to sweeten my green tea. I would not suggest using any other alternatives, as using sugar replacements would counter the benefits. Also, don’t fall for the “knock-off” bottled green teas. If you are going to buy pre-made, make sure you read the labels. I have picked up a few bottles that had just as much sugar as soft drinks and/or high fructose corn syrup! Those products are absolutely not the green tea I am talking about!

So next time you’re coming up to Trophy Fitness to workout, enjoy a cup of real green tea. It might just be the extra kick you’re looking for!

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