A Stay Fit Staycation

If you’re like me, easily persuaded by anything fried, frozen, or phenomenally caloric, planning a full day of fun activities without trailing too far away from good food choices can be tricky. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay fit and healthy during your summer staycation:

  1. Can you bring own food?

Check to see if the venue you are attending allows outside food and drink. Doing so, not only allows you to be health conscious but could also help save some money!

If Yes: Pack like a caveman.

Nutritional efficiency is key! Packing lean deli meats and assorted nuts is a way to ensure proper amount of proteins and healthy fats are ingested during the day. Stay away from breads and milk based products which tend to sit heavy and slow you down. Instead, choose fresh fruits and crisp vegetables that are rich in energizing anti-oxidants!

If No: Planning is everything.

Effectively timing your meals before, during, and after a busy schedule can benefit the amount of energy you will have or need to get the most out of each activity. Eating healthy foods before and after can also leave you a little guilt-free wiggle room if you choose to indulge in a frozen treat or adult beverage.

2. Keep the fluids flowing!

If you’re going to be outside, make sure to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after. That sluggish “5 o’clock feeling” could actually be onset from dehydration.

As important as it is to drink water, it could get boring and bland. If you’re able to bring in outside drinks, I recommend making a home made green tea with honey and fresh lemon OR using Crystal Light to help sweeten up your refreshments.

3. Scavenger hunts!

Touring local exhibits and events can be fun for you, but is it exciting for the rest of your group? Planning a scavenger hunt could be a great way for your group to learn about the exhibit and have fun doing it. Plus, making an activity into a competition raises the intensity thus burning extra calories without thinking about it as a workout. That’s a bonus!

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