Looking to create the body of your dreams? These quick fitness tips are designed for anyone new to the world of health and fitness. They contain some of the most important, effective and inspiring fitness advice, and they’ll help you in the pursuit of your perfect body!


10. Don’t shy away from lifting weights

There’s more to a lean and healthy body than just cardio. Weightlifting is crucial for improving your body’s definition, and it’s incredibly effective at burning calories.

Girls and guys alike should incorporate weightlifting into their workout sessions, and if you’re unsure of where to start, it’s worth talking to one of the personal trainers!

9. Nutrition is just as important as exercise

 Exercise is essential for cardiovascular fitness, but your diet plays the biggest role in developing a lean and healthy body.

While an hour on the treadmill can burn 400 calories, 5 minutes spent eating a McDonalds burger can easily add 600 calories to your daily allowance. If you want to get in shape, you need to control your diet.

8. Progressive overload is the key to fitness


In simple terms, this means changing your routine if it gets too easy. You can increase the duration of your workout, the intensity, the weight you’re lifting, and even reduce the rest period between exercise.

Whichever method you choose, it’s essential that you recognize when working out gets too easy, and make changes to make it more challenging.

7. Start small and build-up

Getting in shape is a slow process, and your body adapts to exercise at a relatively slow pace. Whilst it can be tempting to try and increase your workout every session, it’s better to progress at a slow and steady rate.

To avoid overtraining, try adding an extra 5 minutes to your workout sessions each week; and for weightlifting, aim for 2.5lb increases on the main compound exercises. If the increase is too hard, don’t worry – you’ll get it next week.

6. Rest days are as important as workout days

Working out is hard on the body. To make as much progress as possible, it’s essential to let our body repair itself after cardio and weight lifting sessions.

As well as eating a healthy, balanced diet, this also requires time away from exercise. Take a couple of rest days each week, and don’t worry about the occasional week away from the gym.

5. Don’t be afraid of asking for advice


When it comes to working out, knowledge is power. The more you understand about exercise, diet and nutrition, the more effective your workouts can be.

As well as researching fitness tips (like these!), you can ask the experts – personal trainers.  They make a living from their fitness knowledge, and they’ll be happy to help you out with tips, advice and information.

4. Find yourself a training partner 

Fitness isn’t always easy, and we all have days where our motivation is sorely lacking. By finding a training partner, you can stop these days from interfering with your fitness.

Their inspiration, guidance advice and feedback will help you stay motivated. You can share each other’s knowledge, and drive each other to new heights of fitness success.

3. Work out want you want from exercise 

Why do you work out?What are you trying to achieve? Whether its weight loss, increased strength, improved fitness or a sexier body, defining your goals will help you to realize them.

Every workout will have a purpose, and you’ll end up a step closer to success each and every day.

2. Don’t neglect your stretches 

Stretching after exercise will improve your flexibility and joint health, and reduce your chances of getting injured during a workout.

Dedicate 15 minutes after each session to warming-down, and perform some gentle stretches on the muscles that you’ve just trained.

1. There’s more to cardio than the treadmill 

The treadmill is a great way to burn calories and improve fitness – but it’s not the only way. Rowing machines, spinning, cycling, stair machines, circuit training and aerobics classes all burn calories quickly and effectively.

Incorporating a variety of these exercises into your workout will keep you engaged and motivated, and more likely to achieve your fitness goals.


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